The Breakup: 10 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job


There are few things worse than being stuck on a dead-end job you hate, and for far too many people this is exactly what they endure day after day. For many of us, the burden of working in a meaningless occupation, with an out of touch supervisor, and coworkers with whom we have superficial relationships is not enough to prompt us to leave. No, we have to be dropped from the nest and engulfed in flames on the way down before we get the picture. To avoid all of that, take a look at these signs to help you recognize when it’s time to quit.

10. You try hard to find reasons to stay: Chances are if you have a genuinely  good job you don’t look for reasons to stick around because leaving is the furthest thing from your mind.  However, if you constantly question why you’re still working there and try to convince yourself to stay, perhaps it’s time to go.

9.  You hate going to work: If you dread Monday mornings more than anything and days at the office make you depressed, you probably shouldn’t stay there much longer.

8. You frequently look for reasons to miss work:  Do you find yourself counting the days until the weekend or your next day off?  Do you like cashing in on sick days, vacation time, and personal days? Do you spend more time thinking about the reasons you should call in instead of focusing on work?

7. You avoid conversations about what you do: This is not for folks with top security clearances or G14 classified assignments. This is for the folks that really hate talking about what they do because it reminds them of the fact they work a depressing job. Some of their closest friends still may not know what they do for a living.
6.  You complain, complain, complain: Sometimes a grumpy attitude isn’t indicative of a dreadful  job; sometimes we simply need an attitude adjustment. Other times, it’s a sign we don’t like what we do. Instead of being the coworker that sucks everyone else into their vacuum of despair, change your situation and leave.

5. You emotionally detach from your work: People who detach aren’t emotionally touched by anything. No success, failure, setback, or incredible victory. If you find yourself simply going through the motions then it’s time to make a motion towards the exit sign. Save yourself some heartache and get out while you can.

4. You don’t have any opportunities for growth:  Does your current position offer any opportunities for professional development? How far can you advance in your company? Does your environment encourage you to learn new things that will help you improve the organization? If your company doesn’t have room for growth, invest in your education, or professional development that’s a huge red flag. Anything that isn’t growing is dead.

3. You are not challenged or utilizing your gifts: Can you do your job with your eyes closed and both hands tied behind your back? When was the last time you worked on a project that allowed you to employ your gifts, talents, and areas of passion?

2. You are hanging on for the paycheck:  You know something is wrong when the best thing about your job is the 1st and the 15th . Sometimes we can be slaves to money while still being broke. Harriet Tubman said, “I freed thousands of slaves and I would’ve freed thousands more if I could’ve only convince them they were slaves.” We can get so caught in the grind that we become oblivious to the fact that Franklin and Jackson have more control over us than we’d like. Just because you don’t know you’re a slave doesn’t make you any more free.

1. Your health starts to decline: I once worked with a guy that would get nauseous, depressed, and would experience high levels of anxiety every time he came to work.  He was so stressed by the job he was hospitalized. Life is stressful enough. You don’t have to add to it by torturing yourself with a job you hate! It’s simply not worth it.


Norman Cousins once said, “The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live.” If you’re dying inside because you’re stuck on a job it may be time to develop an exit strategy. Do you know what you want? Do you know what drives you and makes you happy? Do you know what you’re passionate about? Faith is taking the first step without seeing the entire staircase. Now may be a good time to leap out of the safety of what’s familiar and into the glorious opportunities of the unknown. In the words of George Eliot, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” Will you prepare for flight or wait to fall from the nest?

One thought on “The Breakup: 10 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

  1. Great Advice . Every since I left college , I found myself working entry level jobs , with the hopes to advance, but never got the chance to. Overall my main focus coming out schools was to become financially stable. As most people understand some college grads have to deal with alot of debt, which some my never pay off.

    After the recession in 2008, I was fortunate enough to be able to keep my job , but psychologically I think it took a career advancement toll on me and others. As alot of my peers were getting layed off , and not able to find work . I started just being thankful just having a job. I start losing my focus on trying to look for career advancement.

    Since 2008 , I am blessed to say I have been employed, and in 2012 became a home owner. In 2013 I became debt free. These are two great accomplishments , but complacency set in . Since I really didn’t have any financial debt anymore I became relaxed with just having a job. But then stress and depression start setting in . I even start gaining weight and getting grey hair .

    I worked at a place where I was highly over qualified and wasn’t utilizing my skills and education. My peers around me kept asking me why I was still there, and I couldnt even answer the question. I start finding myself just going through the motions and not caring anymore .

    It took a guy who came in a few years ago on a temporary assignment to show me that to don’t give up on my career dreams . He came in and was determined to grow within himself . He didn’t stay long after seeing lack of career growth . He made a scarifice and left with no job. Now he has his dream job. This encouraged me to start looking elsewhere. I start interviewing and finding good job leads . Unfortunately I never found another job.

    With prayer and encouragement from love ones I stepped out on faith and left my job without a job at the beginning of this year.. I know it’s not good to leave a job without finding another one . But I saved
    up for it , and I just couldn’t take the stress and depression anymore. Now I’m in a growing advancement with FedEx with alot of future opportunities for myself.

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